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Reimagining signup

A product page with a navigation and very first three suggested steps before signing up for an enterprise product.
My Roles
• Design
• Research support
01/18/22 - 08/03/2022
Project Overview

Reduced Time to Value (TtV) by addressing data privacy concerns and offering a pre-signup preview of the product's interface and features.

What we've done

1. Created a prototype based on the given direction.
2. Conducted usability research and learned there were more underlying problems.
3. Pivoted our direction
4. Conducted discovery research to find the root cause
5. Iterated prototypes based on user feedbacks
6. Synthesized the learnings from the concept testing
7. Discussion to gain marketing team's buy-ins
8. Documented next steps
9. Created a prototype to test the hypothesis based on the research




WCAG 2.0 AA Compliant
Aha Moment GIFS
Signup After Product Preview
Onboarding Walk-thru Video
Cancel Trial Anytime
Data Security


"She totally nailed it! We put off our new business for three years, buried under a mountain of tasks. But she swooped in and got it done in under two months with her systematic approach! I feel like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders."

Fani Ordonez

CEO @Easy Street Financial Group

"She made this whole thing enjoyable and easy for us! Thanks for all the details and notes – so professional, helpful! Definitely going to recommend her to all our clients!"

Jessica Kim

Co-founder @Easy Street Financial Group

"...Yoonah knocked it out of the park, elevating the app far beyond its original footprint."

Jake Mitchelle

VP of Product @ TutorMe

“...I was thrilled by how Yoonah synthesized our team’s learnings and discussion into a real solution...”

Eli Sidman

Lead Designer @TutorMe

"When she creates and designs, customers and stakeholders say, "I love this!”

Adrienne Tucker

Senior UX Researcher @GoGuardian

"Yoonah always advocating for the user while working within tech and business constraints."

Fernanda Shin

Lead Designer @GoGuardian Beacon

"Yoonah's central role in creating a process for checking design accessibility has significantly improved our product's overall quality and made it more inclusive."

Neil Estacio

Director of Product Design @GoGuardian

"She always questions the 'why' behind each design decision, ensuring that her designs are grounded in user needs and business objectives."

Carol Lieu

Lead Designer @GoGuardian Teacher

"Yoonah has been such an advocate for accessible design and has encouraged me to think through this aspect of design in a much more detailed way."

Jules Benette

Lead Designer @GoGuardian Admin

"I am incredibly grateful for her attention to detail and expertise."

Zach Spitulski

Lead Designer @GoGuardian Admin

"Yoonah is also an amazing advocate for Accessibility and thoughtfully considers her users in her design solutions."

Marissa Manalo

UX Designer @GoGuardian

"Even in such a short time, she demonstrated exceptional design skills, creativity, and a high level of ownership."

Anna Belova

Product Manager @TutorMe

"I consider myself fortunate to have had Yoonah as both a friend and mentor on my UX Design journey."

Judith Joseph

Product Designer @Naked (Mentee)

"...her positive outlook served as an exceptional source of motivation during challenging times."

Joyce Kim

Product Designer @EndPoint (Mentee)

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