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Before and after comparison shot of clinic's website
My Roles
• UX Research
• UX Strategies
• Brand Guideline
• Web Design
• Web Development
11/10 - 12/10/2023
Project Overview

Established a reputable website to garner attention from federal grant auditors and inspectors, enhancing the prospects of successful grant approvals.

A multiple layouts showing different pages of 3C Clinic's website.

What's upgraded?



WCAG 2.0 AA Compliant
Easy Navigation
Customer Testimonials
High-Quality Images
Mobile Responsiveness
Fast Loading Times
Consistent Branding
Trust Seal and Certification


"She totally nailed it! We put off our new business for three years, buried under a mountain of tasks. But she swooped in and got it done in under two months with her systematic approach! I feel like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders."

Fani Ordonez

CEO @Easy Street Financial Group

"She made this whole thing enjoyable and easy for us! Thanks for all the details and notes – so professional, helpful! Definitely going to recommend her to all our clients!"

Jessica Kim

Co-founder @Easy Street Financial Group

"...Yoonah knocked it out of the park, elevating the app far beyond its original footprint."

Jake Mitchelle

VP of Product @ TutorMe

“...I was thrilled by how Yoonah synthesized our team’s learnings and discussion into a real solution...”

Eli Sidman

Lead Designer @TutorMe

"When she creates and designs, customers and stakeholders say, "I love this!”

Adrienne Tucker

Senior UX Researcher @GoGuardian

"Yoonah always advocating for the user while working within tech and business constraints."

Fernanda Shin

Lead Designer @GoGuardian Beacon

"Yoonah's central role in creating a process for checking design accessibility has significantly improved our product's overall quality and made it more inclusive."

Neil Estacio

Director of Product Design @GoGuardian

"She always questions the 'why' behind each design decision, ensuring that her designs are grounded in user needs and business objectives."

Carol Lieu

Lead Designer @GoGuardian Teacher

"Yoonah has been such an advocate for accessible design and has encouraged me to think through this aspect of design in a much more detailed way."

Jules Benette

Lead Designer @GoGuardian Admin

"I am incredibly grateful for her attention to detail and expertise."

Zach Spitulski

Lead Designer @GoGuardian Admin

"Yoonah is also an amazing advocate for Accessibility and thoughtfully considers her users in her design solutions."

Marissa Manalo

UX Designer @GoGuardian

"Even in such a short time, she demonstrated exceptional design skills, creativity, and a high level of ownership."

Anna Belova

Product Manager @TutorMe

"I consider myself fortunate to have had Yoonah as both a friend and mentor on my UX Design journey."

Judith Joseph

Product Designer @Naked (Mentee)

"...her positive outlook served as an exceptional source of motivation during challenging times."

Joyce Kim

Product Designer @EndPoint (Mentee)

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